Our Business

The Group is an international developer and solutions provider in the biometric, RFID and security industries and delivers high-performing, convenient security systems for enterprises and consumers.

The Group’s business is divided generally into three categories: “Trading of Security and Biometric Products”, “Internet and Mobile’s Application and Related Accessories” and “Commodities Trading”.

The Group continues to believe that the “Internet and Mobile’s Application and Related Accessories” segment as a key growth area, is in-line with the rapid growth of the mobile and gaming industry and in particular in Online gaming and Utilities Applications for IOS and Androids and Mass Advertising.

The Group’s Trading of Security and Biometric Products segment consists of biometrics and RFID products for consumer applications.

The Group’s Commodity Trading activities revolve around the trading of general commodities not limited to generally accepted common commodities like metal, ores, silks and so on. Trading is conducted on both open markets local and overseas; and also through private transactions. The Group will continue refine the business of commodities trading and allocate its resources to other business segments.